The Global Elephant paves the way for Themed Dining Destinations

Sahib Sindh Sultan is a high end themed fine dining experience in true colonial style ambience. Was the first Turnkey Dining Destination by Global Elephant in Bangalore and with its huge success the same was designed and executed Pan India Sahib Sindh Sultan, India’s First Thematic Restaurant reminiscent of the he royal trains and royal platforms of the Raj era. One half of the restaurant is a the platform, complete with painted murals of book stalls, canteens and the station master’s chamber. And the other half is an elevated bogie of a train designed and executed to resemble a Royal Past of the Maharaja era . Our team developed this provided designs and concepts giving it a distinctive look and executed all the works at Sahib Sindh Sultan restaurant pan India and the scope of works ranged from Civil/Structural Services/MEP Coordination/Interior Fitouts and Finishes/ Specialized Lighting, Thematic Interior Fitouts and project management services. The restaurants were able to set international standards with its different ambience


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