About us

Transforming Spaces into Unforgettable Experiences

We breathe life into extraordinary memories!

With every Unique Project we aim at crafting unforgettable guest experiences that defy conventions. Backed with an international experience of strategic planning, design prowess, and boundless imagination, we breathe life into location-based entertainment. From the vibrant energy of water parks to the seamless integration of mixed-use and entertainment complexes, our team's expertise in Architecture, Theming & Landscape ensures each space is a testament to the power of immersive storytelling.


To sculpt breathtaking worlds that ignite wonder, evoking joy and lasting memories in the hearts of all who visit.



To create immersive masterpieces that transport guests to extraordinary worlds, where imagination knows no limits.

Meet the dream-team

The extraordinary minds behind Global Elephant's triumphs, crafting and shaping Client’s Vision into immersive experimental reality for visitors globally.