Dare to Enter

The facade was conceptualized as a palace using all forms and styles of Mughal Architecture to appropriately represent the famous fort of Salimgarh in, Delhi. and our Architectural team at had researched and designed the same to make it look as real as the original fort by conducting numerous trips to ruined mills, production of rubberized imprints of the mill façade, and finally the same were executed in Pre-Fab Panels in GRC. All joints were sealed to make it look one complete wall. The grey rubble masonry webbed with roots of trees along with a bastion at the corner of fort represents the themed Facade. The gigantic “Nailed Door” which serves the main entrance to the attraction has immaculately themed Chhatris, Jharokhas, Turrets, Columns, Domes, and Dummy Windows. A Wooden Bridge over the artificial moat and burning Torches surrounding the façade are all made in GRC and FRP, which adds to the authentic feel of the Fort.


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