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Revolutionizing facades with luxurious, timeless designs inspired by Art-Deco.

Elevate Your World with Deco's Architectural Elegance

Introducing Deco from The Global Elephant. Deco is a name that is inspired by Art-Deco, a 19th century style of Architecture that creates elegant timeless exteriors through visionary design and Artistic innovation. We create distinct products that combine elements of modernism, luxury, and craftsmanship. We redefine facades with elegance and functionality that stand the test of time.

Our Products

Deco Jaalis enhance both the external and internal appeal of residential and commercial buildings, crafting a harmonious blend of light and air. Serving as a standout design element, they’re practical yet ornamental, perfect for use in interior lobbies and passages, as external screens in landscapes, and for concealing duct services like plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.

Deco Covers offer a refined, tailor-made solution for building facades. They skillfully hide essential elements such as M.E.P Services, and structural nuances. Crafted for external decorative ceilings, our Covers provide unique, custom screening options.

Experience the sophistication of our Deco Canopy, an architectural masterpiece that adds an elegant projection and evokes historical grandeur. Drawing inspiration from ancient royal art, it’s ideal for enhancing both your exterior façade and outdoor spaces, infusing them with a sense of noble allure and enduring design.

When considering a Decorative Themed Structure, our ArtCraft Series is the epitome of style, drawing inspiration from global Period Architecture – from Temple to Victorian, Renaissance to Georgian, Zen to African. Our range includes intricately carved, finely engineered products like ornamental fluted and decorative columns, cornices, gargoyles, logos, signage, arches, domes, and more.

Deco Planters are designed to elevate landscaping and exterior facades, merging elegance with natural charm. These stylish dividers and green screens transform outdoor spaces and facades into bespoke, vibrant environments, bringing you closer to nature. Our Planters are tailored for both contemporary and themed landscapes, aligning with our client’s unique vision.

Deco Railings not only enhance but also secure your exterior facades, striking the perfect balance between safety and design. Our expertly crafted Railings complement architectural styles while providing essential support.

Deco Granite is a versatile material for architects and designers. Its unique properties allow effortless molding into diverse forms, offering boundless creative freedom. From intricate sculptures to innovative architectural elements, our expertise ensures bringing your vision to life.

Deco Cladding, our versatile façade composite, comes in a range of materials like Granite, Marble, Sandstone, Metallic, Wood, Acid Wash, and Pitted finishes. Elevate your building’s aesthetics with our interior and exterior solutions. Our array of panel designs includes Flat, Curved, Geometric, and Brick Tiles Panels, among others.

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